One Application. Multiple Solutions.

Pepper has a ‘CAN DO’ approach to home lending and mortgage finance, and offers an alternative financial solution to borrowers who fail to meet the lending criteria of banks and mortgage insurers.

As a solutions-based lender, Pepper caters for a range of borrowers from prime to slightly impaired credit history, and in most cases will be able to offer a solution to suit an individual’s circumstances.

These borrowers include those in full time employment, small business owners, self-employed applicants, property investors, those who have been given a gifted deposit, have past credit impairments, or simply don’t conform to traditional lending criteria.

And now, if your application doesn’t meet the product criteria you originally applied for, we can assess it under one of our other home loan solutions to find a result that meets your customer’s needs quicker and saves you the hassle of reapplying.

Check out our award winning home loans

Pepper Essential
A basic 'Prime' home loan with a competitive variable interest rate and flexible repayment options.
Pepper Easy
A 'Near Prime' home loan for borrowers who have maintained a clean credit history for the last 2 years.
Pepper Advantage
A 'Specialist' home loan catering to borrowers who don't conform to traditional credit criteria.

Real Life Customer Stories

Below are some examples where Pepper has been able to provide a home loan solution:

A Pepper Customer Story - Louise

Louise and her husband were looking to refinance their existing home loan as well as pay off an existing credit card debt and an Australian Tax Office (“ATO”) debt. They were declined by their current lender due to the nature of the ATO debt and because of numerous defaults from a failed business they ran over three years ago. 

Pepper was able to help them by refinancing their loan and in the process cut their monthly repayments across the home loan, credit cards and ATO debt by $1,444 per month.

48 Hour Assessment – The Camerons

The Camerons were looking to purchase an owner occupied property with a home loan of $295,000. Mr. Cameron had entered bankruptcy in 2007, was discharged in 2010, and had been with the same employer for the last two years. The deposit for the home loan came from a Worker’s Compensation payout. The Camerons initially applied for a home loan from a community bank, which was declined due to the default in 2007. They had also been declined by a specialist lender.

Pepper assessed their loan application and within 48 hours the mortgage broker was issued an Approval in Principle (conditional approval, subject to valuation).

Reduction in Monthly Repayments – David & Leonie

David and his wife Leonie wanted to refinance their owner-occupied home loan, consolidate their personal debts and incorporate a cash loan to renovate their home. The loan amount equaled $260,000. David had been in full-time employment for one month and had been employed in a similar role for the past 15 years. Leonie had been in full-time employment for two years. The couple had perfect credit history on all existing debts; however, their application was declined by two banks, as David’s current employment was less than 12 months.

Pepper not only approved the loan, but reduced the couple’s monthly repayments by $250 per month.